About Us

We are the people that grew up hearing and reading stories about WW2 fighter aces. Our Grandad's used to tell us stories of a time where sleek incredible aircraft roamed the skies spitting death and destruction. My dad fought in WWII in Canadian Air force on bombers flying over Europe. As a teenage i got to wear his bomber jacket and look at his medals. We watched war movies as kids and and played war games endlessly with our friends deep in woods in Canada. We built model WWII planes as kids and looked towards the skies whenever a piston engine aircraft flew over.

We never grew up...

Now we have set out to find and source some of the best leather war era jackets that we dreamed about as kids. We want to be able to ride our motorbike, drive our classic car and stand out from the crowd with a piece of clothing that has a story and a soul.

We have searched the world for some of the best suppliers that can offer these types of jackets that won't cost the earth. Our jackets are sourced directly from Pakistan using genuine leather and sent to us here in New Zealand where we send it to you to create your own stories and history to be passed down.

More than jackets...they are stories